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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when it comes to the web the old addage still rings true... in that it's only skin deep. The true strength of a website lies under the graphic shell where things like CSS, HTML, cross browser compatability, SEO, WC3 standards, and other probably nonsensical terms & acronyms make a site function.

Ask Yourself....

How successful will my site be if the only people who find it already have my business card in their hand?

How successful will my site be if my site is not intuitive and easy to use for my "average customer"?

I offer complete search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) for your business or nonprofit organization from my Eugene, Oregon design studio. I have been providing search engine optimized web design since 2000. I can analyze your existing site and work with you to create an affordable, results oriented plan for making your website work for you. You can download our SEO Agreement and Work Order Form online.

Contact us for a free consultation or for a limited time, request a FREE site seo analysis!

I Know SEO! (and I can even explain it in human terms :)

I like to describe SEO (that stands for search engine optimization) with the visual idea of building a web or net (as the Internet is often referred to). Your website is your net, used to catch visitors & turn them into customers. The more content, pages of information, links, social profiles etc you have, the larger your web becomes therefore making catching more visitors a simpler task.

After we catch them, we need to convert them to paying customers. This is where a audience appropriate, visually appealing, easy to use, functional site is important. Did you know that your website may appear extremely different based on the computer and the web browser you use. Try this tool to see how your site appears on different browsers. Sometimes a simple error in the code can make the site not appear at all! That's where "cross browser compatability" comes in. Perhaps we should call that CBC since everything else seems to have an acronym.

5 Basic Goals of Our SEO & SEM Campaign

  1. Increase Sales.
    Make your site work for you (instead of the other way around).

  2. Reach More Customers.
    Attract new visitor to your web site each day, and convert them from visitors to paying customers.

  3. Drive Qualified Customers To Your Site.
    Achieving a high placement at search engines allows you to reach customers who are seeking your products and services.

  4. Hit New Markets.
    Discover and enter new markets you never thought of.

  5. Increase Return on Your Investment
    This may include lowering web maintenance costs by using a CMS or simply increasing the productivity.

The absolutely most efficient path to success is using organic or natural search optimization. This means when a person searches for a term at Goolge, Yahoo or MSN that is relevant to your site.... your site is delivered on the first page of results. This provides long term, low cost benefits. On the other hand PPC (thats Pay Per Click) advertising offers immediate results that are typically more costly. A balance between the two is often the most desired path.

Costs of SEO and SEM

The time and cost of your campaign will be based on that status of your existing web presence, your goals and your budget. My clients' budgets have literally ranged from $100 to $10,000 per month.

Typical Basic Starter Package = apx. $450

    • Site Analysis
    • Keyword Research: 5 keywords/phrases
    • Create and upload search-engine friendly meta data for home page.
    • Optimize your primary landing page for search engines.
    • Hand submit your site to Google, MSN and Yahoo
    • Setup "local search" business listing at Google and Yahoo
    • Setup Google Analytics to monitor site traffic.
    • End of Month Progress Report

Average Starter Package = apx. $1800

    • Basic Package plus the following:
    • Keyword Research: 10 keywords/phrases
    • Optimize Additional Pages
    • Analyze your top competitors for top keywords/phrases
    • 301 Redirect Implementation
    • Setup Social Media Profiles
    • Setup PPC Ad Campaign

Ongoing Services Available

    • Update Local Search Sites with Coupons/Offers
    • Reputation Monitoring
    • Manage Social Media Profiles
    • Manage PPC Ad Campaign
    • 1-20+ hours per week SEO (page optimization, content creation, link building, site submission, etc.)
    • Monthly/Weekly Progress Reports

My SEO Consulting Services are billed hourly at $60/hour. I can tailor a package to precisly meet your budget and goals, big or small. Contact me for a free quote today.

The Process

Assess - Any SEO campaign must start with a comprehensive assessment to determine what we are dealing with. What are your keywords / key terms, does your site use meta-tags, does it have unique meta-tags for each page, are your dynamic pages indexable? These are a few of the questions answered in our detailed web seo assessment. Get your FREE report today!

Plan - Using the information collected in the Analysis of your site, we create an online marketing plan that includes SEO (search engine optimization) and/or SEM (search engine marketing). We need to create a budget, goals & timeline for a 3-6 month period.

Execute - The first phase of SEO is to optimize the site. We need to have a solid site that will obtain organic search results and will return results for your marketing investments including.

After the web site is optimized we work to promote the site and increase your online presence by using:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Link Development

Report - The final phase in the ongoing process of online marketing is to create reports of what has been accomplished. Depending on the marketing strategy I may report the following items to you:

  • Results from A/B Testing
  • Customer Behavior
  • Search Engine Ranking
  • Traffic
  • Page Rank

Repeat - The SEO process is circular and should be ongoing. While the initial campaign may be more intense, ongoing effort are required to maintain a solid online presence. A 3-6 month campaign is essential and after that point, I can train you on how to maintain your presence or can provide ongoing services.


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