Our Process

1. Evaluation & Education

  • We start the process by gathering information about your company, services, target market, purpose, site goals and so on.
  • We evaluate the information gathered.
  • We present you with a proposal and a range of options to accomplish your goals. We take the time to educate you o­n the benefits, options and alternatives available to you. Sometimes a business or organizations goals are beyond their current budget, but we can help you to get started reaching for your goals as well as create a plan for a staged approach.

2. Coming to Agreement

Once we have your information and you have and understand the information presented to you, we draft an Agreement. once we have a signed Agreement we set forward designing your site. Miscommunication and false expectations can be devastating to a project, so we encourage you to contact us at any point through the process if you have any concerns.

3. Gathering Materials

Text, print, copy, brochures, products, pictures, product weight & cost... we need it ALL to get your site going. The more you provide us with, the better your site will be and the quicker your site will come together.

4. Design

We put together a graphical look for your site. Depending o­n your budget and development needs, we will put together the look from a template or custom design a look for you. Your feedback is essential in the web design process and is welcomed at any time, but is quite essential during the design phase.

6. Development

Depending on your needs and our agreement, we develop the functionality of your site. At this time we build and integrate your site with the text editor application as well as any other tools you ordered including the shopping cart, customer forms and other database interactions.

6. Content Population and Debugging

Once the site is designed and developed, we quickly check each system to make sure all operations run smoothly and there are no bugs. We add your content or if you will be managing this element using a CMS, we ask that you begin inputting your content (text, images, meta tags, products, etc.). During the content population process you will be asked to report any issues you experience and we will get them fixed immediately.

7. Take Website "Live"

We make your site accessible for all the world to see! You can now start advertising your site online and in your print materials.

8. Search Engine Submission

When your site is taken live, we add you to our online portfolio. All of our clients have started to be indexed by search engines with 3 days of adding you to our web based portfolio.

9. Marketing & Promotion

Once your site is live you will want to promote it. We can help you with this process through our online marketing, local search marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) services.

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