Print Design

We offer complete design services for printed materials for your business and nonprofit organization's needs. We are based out of Eugene, Oregon so if you are nearby we can sit down with you in person. If you are located outside Oregon we can still work with you via phone, email and web conferencing.

print design

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Smart business owners want a consistent image to represent their business. This may mean incorporating existing logos and color themes into your site or when you get your new site it may be time for new business cards. It's important to remember there are significant difference between print and web design. It's almost like expecting a photographer to be able to create beautiful paintings simply because they are both artists. The web and print are two different mediums that utilize different concepts and even different colors - one uses RGB and the other CMYK colors.

We have a member of our team who works exclusively in print design and is available to help you with creating stunning logos, brochures, postcards, letterhead, vehicle wraps or whatever else you might need to represent your business.

Mailing Services

We can purchase mailing lists that are specialized to your geographical area, target audience and quantity of leads. It's amazingly affordable! Color printing, first class postage and targeted mailing lists start at $75 per 100 or $460 per 1000.


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